How to fasten coaxial cable securely in stucco

The toughest installation of coaxial cable is with stucco. Traditionally, you first have to drill the hole, slide in a plastic insert, and then use a screw and a clip to attach your line. And while you are tightening your line, it is real easy to strip out the pilot hole and then you have to start all over. Even when all goes well with the initial install, it usually doesn’t take long for the plastic insert to work loose so the whole assembly pops out of the wall.  Now you have a repair call for which you cannot charge the customer - Basically, wasted time and money.

Your solution is the unique stainless-steel, shark-tooth anchor.  The new anchor clip that really works and is easy to use.   For a clean, professional install, you simply drill a 1/4 inch diameter hole to a depth of 1 inch, place your anchor clip around the cable, squeeze the tips together and push into the hole.  Tap lightly and your done.  That’s it.  That’s all it takes to run your line securely on stucco.

The same anchor works well on other surfaces like block, brick, concrete and mortar joints.  Just how does the shark-tooth anchor work?  Simple.  It bites and doesn’t let go!  That’s why the shark-tooth anchor works well for call-back repairs.  Simply substitute the shark-tooth anchor for the existing anchor assembly and secure the line permanently, or at least until you need to make modifications.  With the shark-tooth anchor changes are easy.  Use your needle-nose pliers to grasp the anchor between you line and the surface, push the prongs of the anchor together and gently pull the anchor out.  Then, make your line modifications, re-install the anchor and your done.  Fast, simple, professional.

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