Cable Clip Sizes

I have gotten several questions about clip sizes and I want to clear that up with this post.  (I will also add it to the website so people can get the answer quickly.)  Our cable clips range in size from 1/8″ to 1/2″.  That is just great, but for anyone who is unfamilar with our clips it is hard to understand what that means.  Is that 1/8″ long?  Is that 1/2″ wide?  Hopefully the pictures and explanations below will help:

Sharktooth Anchor
sharktoothclipslabels 300x166 Cable Clip Sizes

As you can see the gap (or hole once the clip is closed) for a clip is indicated by the size.  Different sizes work better for different wires.  If you need to try a few contact us and we will send you samples!

Siding Clips
sidingclipslabels1 300x185 Cable Clip Sizes

The gap in these clips is a little harder to see from the front, but the sizes correspond to the space that is available for a wire.  The great thing about the Siding and Standard cable clips is you can expand the gap to fit the wire and then close it again over the wire. 

Standard/Christmas Clips
standardclipslabels 300x55 Cable Clip Sizes

The Standard cable clip can be adapted to many situations.  The size of the openings can be seen a little better in this picture.  We have heard of our customers using these clips to hang pictures, Christmas lights, and of course different types of cable and wire.  These clips come with or without screws depending on the need.  The colored clips are powder coated for a long lasting, durable finish that looks good for years!

I hope this helps answer some of the questions many of you have had!  I will be working to add this so it is general information on one of the regular pages.  Check back for updates!

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