Sharktooth Anchor Clips

Installing cables has never been easier!

The Shark Tooth Anchor Clip is incredibly easy to use and install. Simply drill a 1/4 inch hole, insert the line / cable inside the fold of the clip, then squeeze and insert the Shark Tooth Anchor - Cable Clip into the hole.

Removal is also simple. Simply squeeze the sides together and remove from the hole. Make any adjustments or changes and reinsert into the hole when ready.

Use this clip to install Coax (Cable TV Wire), Cat3, Cat5, Cat6, Security Wire, or anything else really!

Fantastic on Stucco, Block, Concrete and Mortar.

  • Very Secure
  • Weather resistant
  • Reusable

Size Recommendations:

  • 1/4" - Cat3, Cat5, Security Wire
  • 5/16" - Coax (Cable TV Wire), Cat6, Tubing