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EZ Cable Clips Brown Holiday Light Hangers w/Screws - 100pcs

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Install these Holiday Light Hanger Clips once and use them for years. The 3/16” size is recommended as a Christmas, Halloween, or any light cord hanger only. The 1/4” size can be used as a hanger, or for a mini-light clip to give the perfect-line look. The EZ-Cable Clips® can be closed as needed to lock the wire in place, or left open as a hanger only. 1/2" Self Tapping Screws are included with every order!

EZ Cable Clips Holiday Light Hangers are made of high quality aluminum, not plastic. They will not freeze and break or get brittle, and harsh summer sun will not deteriorate the clip so you can leave them up all year long. With the included screws your lights will stay securely in place and not work loose in wind or stormy weather.

Our white and brown Holiday Light Hangers are powder coated for durability and asthetics. Powder coating our clips keeps them looking good and working well for years, and it makes them resistant to scratching and cracking, unlike other painting methods.

EZ Cable Clips Holiday Light Hangers are comparably priced with cheaply made non-weather resistant plastic clips that you will have to replace every year. Your total cost of use and hassle will be much less over the years using EZ Cable Clips Holiday Light Hangers. Try some today, you won’t be disappointed.

We GUARANTEE our Holiday Light Hangers not to break or fail. If one does we will replace it FREE. No other light hanger company has this guarantee.

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